BETWEEN LAND AND SEA Festival in Palermo – V Edition


Transnational encounters between art and politics

24 MAY TO 9 JUNE 2024

BETWEEN LAND AND SEA is a series of transnational encounters in arts and politics that examine and critically reflect the existing connections between Mediterranean cities and their intertwined histories linked by global migration, environment, urbanism, food, agriculture, climate, and heritage.

The encounters address some burning socio-economic and environmental challenges with a series of artistic productions and political gatherings that are both locally embedded and strengthening transnational links, inventing new ways to come together across borders and develop solidarity narratives.

The present edition focuses on local artists and their work, while also opening the island towards long-term collaboration with artists and researchers from the neighbouring Mediterranean and the African continent through a multidisciplinary program across theatre, dance, photography, architecture, sustainability, public discussions, performance and music. The artists look closely at different clues that the city of Palermo and its surroundings points to them, following its rhizomatic relationships to other places in the world.

More information about the programme, artists and speakers coming soon on this webpage.

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