We are a transnational hub based in Palermo, developing artistic production, research, and political activism via a multi-annual program, fellowships and residencies.


Between Land and Sea is a long-term artistic research program which unites the political and environmental impact the Mediterranean is facing with a specific focus on liquid territories as a rich natural habitat.

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Rhizome Cities node aims at building links between civil society and municipalities in view of the potential longer-term development of such links into a structured networks.

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Artistic and political practices that rethink and transform the North-South divide, the relationship between Europe and the African continent.

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A programme advancing ecofeminist and decolonial artistic practices by building a feminist narrative built on the experience and knowledge of emerging artists with a migration background.

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24 May 2024

Publication: Between Land And Sea 2024 — V edizione

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6—11 November 2024 ,

Transeuropa Festival

6—11 November 2024, 17:00