OPENING: ‘SAPLINGS’ by Elisa T. Bertuzzo & Doireann O’Malley

This event is part of
Between Land and Sea
BLAS Festival
6 June 2024, 19:00
ATERRATERRA Lab (via Giacalone, 43)

Saplings, a residency of the two artists-researchers in early 2023, will offer an occasion to deepen that conversation and give material and visual form to imaginations of circulation, queer temporalities and disturbed/adaptive cyclicalities from, in and through planting together in aterraterra’s urban garden, captured via collaborative multi-media filming (hopefully) with members of the Bangladeshi community in Palermo. The residency will lay the foundation stone for the multi-sited project Concomitanze, an enquiry into the new relationships and unexpected events produced by migration in an age of global intra-relatings, climate change and ecological stress. Mobilising feminist and decolonial practices from storytelling to collecting and preserving seeds, from collaborative video to forging intersectional networks, Concomitanze will generate multi-vocal narrations troubling and countering the dehumanized and dehumanizing representations of “the migrant” in Italy’s, and Europe’s, media discourse.

Saplings was launched with the goal of collecting stories of socio-ecological infrastructure, more-than-human cohabitation and planetary cyclicality, as told by vegetable seeds that arrived with migrants from Bangladesh and have been cultivated for more than a decade now on vacant and unused land from northern to southern Italy. Through a multimedia diary and feminist practices, from self-narrative to collecting and preserving seeds, the work-in-progress problematizes dehumanized and dehumanizing representations of migration and de* “migrant” in Italian and European public discourse, while also asking: how do we develop artistic research grounded in models of resource sharing, from collaborative video to intersectional networking, and what is its place in today’s artistic discourse and knowledge production?

Doireann O’Malley (born 1981 in Limerick, IE) is a multidisciplinary video artist based in Berlin. Their research-led practice experiments with collaborative methodologies, meditative and visualisation practices, writing, as well as theory, in an effort to manifest ecofeminist and queer futures. Characterised by a strong emphasis on new media, Virtual Reality, 3D and video nstallation, their work uses digital tools to critically reflect on the political implications of data economies, on the one hand, and explore the entangled experiences of gender embodiment in the virtual, real and theoretical domain, on the other. 

Elisa T. Bertuzzo (born 1980 in Vicenza, Italy) is an ethnographer and urban studies scholar based in Berlin. In her academic and literary texts, teaching, as well as curatorial collaborations, her interest lies in the everyday life facets of solidarity, resistance and selforganisation (especially) among marginalised and migrant communities of South Asia. Research, for her, is part of the eco-feminist project to revalidate—and, where needed, reassess—epistemologies, practices of care, economies, as well as translocal solidarisations which have long been oppressed by extractivist, colonial and patriarchal logics. 

Saplings è una residenza a cura di Aterraterra e Fondazione Studio Rizoma ed è parte del programma di Critical Seeds of Resistance, con il supporto di European Cultural Foundation – Culture of Solidarity Fund.

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