Lecture performance: ‘INTRODUZIONE ALLA REALTÀ’ di Edoardo Camurri

This event is part of
Between Land and Sea
BLAS Festival
6 June 2024, 22:00
EPYC (via Pignatelli Aragona 42, Palermo)

Contrary to what the title might suggest, ‘INTRODUCTION TO REALITY’ (Introduction to reality) is not a lesson, but a wonderful exercise in estrangement-an escape from the automatisms of perception. A psychedelic epistle in which the author, addressing a “you” who is all of us, accompanies us on the path to follow in order to rediscover as yet unseen aspects of existence, hidden only by the thin veil of everyday life. In a whirling succession of revelatory images, Edoardo Camurri invites us to forget what we knew about reality in order to get out of it and re-enter a new astonishing dimension made of love, of understanding, in which the shadow of a spider’s leg counts as much as the birth of a galaxy.

Disenchantment and reenchantment will be crossed by a reading in which the author will be accompanied live by the multifaceted musician Federico Pipia, who has many different projects under his belt between electronic music, sound art and music for theater.

The event is curated by Timeo and Giorgio Mega (music curator Fondazione Studio Rizoma) in collaboration with EPYC and La Marina di Libri.

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