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Studio Rizoma is an international cultural and political production hub based in Palermo and with an outreach office in Berlin. It has been established by the international NGO European Alternatives, in cooperation with Allianzkulturstiftung, following the successful curation of the 2019 edition of the Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo in Palermo.

Building on this success, during the 2020 pandemic year we have set up Studio Rizoma to transform a one-off event in a stable presence guaranteeing continuity and build-up over time and leveraging on Palermo’s position at the heart of the Mediterranean.


Studio Rizoma provides a stable basis for cultural and social experimentation at the crosswords of arts and social engagement at the heart of the Mediterranean.


Departing from the professional experience of our Studio members we have developed a unique methodology combining a focus on original artistic productions with the direct engagement of social and political groups. The work we produce does not merely place a spotlight on todays’ contradictions: rather, the very construction of our projects and their production process engages communities in the definition and implementation of the activity, embedding the artistic process in existing sites of struggle and political imagination. We call this approach “mythopoetic”.


 Studio Rizoma leverages on its geographical position to focus its work on issues of transnationality, transcendence of borders, post coloniality, migration and integration, and the future of globalisation. We place a particular focus on bridging the gap between the Northern and Southern shore of the Mediterranean, but do not shy away from longer-reach projects based on existing networks of Studio members, notably including Congo and China.

Structural cooperations

 Our work is federal and cooperative. An important mission of Studio Rizoma is to establish structural cooperation with institutions providing a stable partnership base for international projects. We shy away from “fly in, fly out” art events and initiatives, something we think was ecologically unsustainable well before the pandemic showed all the limitations of the “global” art world. Yet we do not think the solution is a return to localism and small-scale. Our response is to create structural cooperation bridges that provide for long-term co-creation processes. We choose our partners not simply for a joint project but in view of multiannual partnerships that truly enrich us and our respective communities. To this extent we have already confirmed a structural cooperation with the Biennale of Tunis, enabling for co-produced projects between the Sicilian and Tunisian capitals.

Legal structure and finances

Studio Rizoma has its legal and fiscal registration in Palermo (Italy). We collaborate daily with the different legal entities of European Alternatives to carry out our activities.

Our legal entity is accountable to our board and members’ meeting. Studio Rizoma is committed to transparency, being responsive to stakeholders and funders and using our resources in the most responsible way for long-term impact.

Studio Rizoma’s governance and financial information can be found by downloading the statutes of association.

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