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Studio Rizoma is an international cultural studio based in Palermo and with outreach offices in Berlin and Paris. It has been established by the international NGO European Alternatives, in cooperation with Allianzkulturstiftung, following the successful curation of the 2019 edition of the Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo in Palermo. Palermo as a homebase allows us to de-centre Europe, to articulate a new centrality for the Mediterranean and re-establish Europe’s rapport with Northern Africa.

Studio Rizoma wants to define rhizomatic ways to act that are deeply rooted in a local context.

Studio Rizoma wants to define a new way of conceiving, planning and implementing artistic projects that is feminist, postcolonial, as well as environmentally and socially responsible.

Studio Rizoma operates at several levels:

Local level

At local level, Rizoma gives space to various local actors and ensures the social embeddedness of artistic action

International level

At international level, Rizoma is a node for art biennales and institutions engaged in rethinking the way international art shows are conceived, implemented and promoted

Internal level

At internal level, Rizoma is an organization that implements within its staff and internal structure a collective functioning that combines strong capacities to act and stir projects with collective deliberation and individual freedoms.

Legal structure and finances

Studio Rizoma has its legal and fiscal registration in Palermo (Italy). We collaborate daily with the different legal entities of European Alternatives to carry out our activities.

Our legal entity is accountable to our board and members’ meeting. Studio Rizoma is committed to transparency, being responsive to stakeholders and funders and using our resources in the most responsible way for long-term impact.

Studio Rizoma’s governance and financial information can be found by downloading the statutes of association.

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