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Between Land and Sea

BETWEEN LAND AND SEA is a ten-day summit and a programme of original artistic and theatrical production involving artists, researchers, political activists, workers, migrants, fishermen, farmers and citizens in Sicily and Tunisia organised by Studio Rizoma in Palermo and Dream City / L’Art Rue in Tunis.

Together we create the first participatory and long-standing collaboration between the two cities which are the two closest focal points in the Mediterranean, between Europe and the Maghreb and between the South and the North of Europe.

ANNI: 2021 - 2023
PAESI: Italy, Tunisia, Germany
STATUS: on-going

Dream City Biennale / L’Art Rue Tunis, Theater Bremen, Teatro Biondo, Atelier Nostra Signora, Ecomuseo Mare Memoria Viva.


Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Allianz Kulturstiftung, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung. 

Port cities are the nodal points of a global system in which trade in raw materials, agricultural and industrial products is directly related to the migration of people fleeing hunger and conflict or seeking work and security. In port cities, the dialectic between the human desire for connection, the economic compulsion to exchange and the political striving for control becomes apparent. Starting from five artistic projects produced by Dream City Biennale, Studio Rizoma and Theater Bremen, BETWEEN LAND AND SEA examines the existing connections between three port cities and the possible forms, contexts, political and social goals of transnational alliances. 

BETWEEN LAND AND SEA consists of a series of artistic productions, performances and encounters involving the Italian artist Rossella Biscotti, the Palermitan director Simone Mannino, the Libanese artist Lily Abichahine and the German choreographer Monika Gintersdorfer and others. The programme will be available to the public in Tunis and Palermo and will engage with a number of historical spaces, realities and communities across the two cities. Along the trade routes for Sicilian and Tunisian oranges, olives and tomatoes, the projects and the people  involved will travel from the Mediterranean region to the northern coast of Europe in 2022, thus symbolically and concretely establishing the link that the highly complex world trade is making daily and unnoticed. 

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