BETWEEN LAND AND SEA is a political encounter, and a programme of original artistic and theatrical productions developed and presented between Palermo, Tunis, and Bremen. It creates the first participatory and long-term creative collaboration between the three port cities, acting as a bridge between Europe and the Maghreb and between the South and the North of Europe. Coming soon – BLAS Tunis and Bremen 2022

This project is part of
Between Land and Sea
Italy, Tunisia, Germany

In its first edition hosted in Palermo in October 2021, BETWEEN LAND AND SEA engaged more than 50 artists, workers, researchers, migrants, fishers, farmers and citizens from Palermo, Tunis, Bremen, Beirut, New York, Abidjan, Berlin, Hamburg, Brussels, Dakar, Bamako to examine and critically reflect on the existing connections between port cities and their intertwined histories, linked by global migration and trade. 

At a historical moment when humanity is facing unprecedented planetary challenges, artists, activists and citizens need to invent new ways to come together across borders and develop transnational and solidarity narratives. Port cities are privileged hubs for the creation of such cross-border networks. BETWEEN LAND AND SEA creates concrete transnational alliances, narratives and practices of solidarity to withstand future crises and disasters, such as desertification, conflicts arising from growing economic inequality, rising sea levels, displacement and global migration.

All projects are original productions developed by Studio Rizoma, Dream City Biennale, and Theater Bremen. They will be shown as part of an interconnected festival in Palermo, Tunis, and Bremen as international premieres.

The projects of BETWEEN LAND AND SEA have been developed by Fondazione Studio Rizoma, Dream City Biennale Tunis, and Theater Bremen. They are financed by Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Allianz Kulturstiftung, Goethe Institut Palermo and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Tunis.

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