Aterraterra LAB Opening

This event is part of
Between Land and Sea
1 Dezembro 2022, 18:00
Via Giacalone 33/43 (ex Minimum), Palermo

Aterraterra LAB proposes itself to the city as the first multidisciplinary space for reflection, sharing and creation that intersects areas at first glance not interconnected: agriculture, art and activism. The project stems from the need to deepen the research on food plants and biodiversity conducted by the Aterraterra association (founded by Fabio Aranzulla and Luca Cinquemani) by keeping at the center the idea that has animated its activities so far, namely that cultivation must go hand in hand with political thought, food education and artistic practices.

ATT LAB, in this direction, will investigate the relationship between cultivation activities and natural ecosystems through a look that includes not only agricultural practices but also social practices of consumption, artistic practices and activism. Aterraterra LAB, from these assumptions, will develop a program that includes a series of international residencies and moments of discussion and debate involving people from the world of agriculture, activism, art and research.

The project will also offer workshops on seed cultivation and reproduction, and the groundwork will also be laid for the creation of a seed bank. The thematic areas in which the workshops, talks, and residencies will be developed will be as follows:

  • (Bio)diversity, ecology and food;
  • Agriculture and wild edible plants;
  • Food plants and (neo-)colonialism, anti-Semitism, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination and/or difficult heritage;
  • Art practices, activism and agriculture;
  • and Autonomy and rights of people who cultivate fields.