24 February 2023 — Elisa Capellini

Flowers in the Desert, Collettivo Epidemia

10 February 2023 — Eliza Collin

Interview with designer Eliza Collin: “The question we should be asking is not one of quantity but one of quality”

6 February 2023 — Mattia Capelletti

Francesco Cavaliere in conversation with Studio Rizoma

25 January 2023 — Eliza Collin

Eliza Collin: WET ZONES

10 January 2023 — Eva Maria Bertschy, Lorenzo Marsili, Niccolo Milanese and Patrizia Pozzo

Why decolonial cities matter?

26 December 2022 — Elisa Capellini

Peju Layiwola: Dealing with a Fragmented Heritage

20 December 2022 — Elisa Capellini

Leone Contini: Continuous Repositioning

30 November 2022 — Aterraterra LAB

Aterraterra: Making new forms of life visible

29 November 2022 — Elisa Capellini

Autostrada Biennale: the creation of the art work as a form of learning

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