#wallofsounds: Marta De Pascalis presents Sky Flesh 

17 December 2023, 19:00
Basilica della Magione, Palermo

Sky Flesh is the new album by Marta De Pascalis that the artist will present in Palermo in the evocative space of the Chiesa della Magione. Raised in Rome but based in Berlin, she is an electronic musician whose compositions are algid and deep, but more emotional than cerebral. Her research has long focused on the use of analogue synthesisers and oscillators, and in her latest album her mastery with these instruments is evident and paradoxically brings a minimisation of sounds to a maximum cathartic yield.

Sky Flesh‘s music is in fact highly spiritual, cosmic and pointed towards the otherworldly, but at the same time has a component of historical situation, due both to the reflection on the human/machine relationship (no midi, AI or virtualisation, but an organic management of analogue devices) and to the research on harmonies and melodies that questions the history of music in the broadest sense, going all the way back to the Renaissance. Sky Flesh resonates with the austere architecture of the Norman basilica, in a play of reverberations and transcendental tendencies in which the spaces and times of both direct us towards the ineffable.

Marta De Pascalis’ sonic world acts as an uncanny translator that freezes and expands emotions, conveying them into unique soundscapes. Her solo works employ analog, fm synthesis, and a tape-loop system, whereby she carves waveforms to shape cathartic sound bodies. She has performed at several festivals and venues, notably Berlin Atonal, Museo Reina Sofia, Biennale di Venezia, Berghain, Volksbühne, Café Oto, and Mutek Festival.Sky Flesh, her latest album, has been published on Caterina Barbieri’s light-years imprint.

#wallofsounds, fellow of Studio Rizoma, is an international festival of contemporary music and arts conceived, organised and directed by Gaetano La Rosa with the intention of enhancing the city’s monumental heritage with music events, ranging from experimental to contemporary classical, from sound art to radical improvisation, inviting leading players from the international music scene. In the first edition, we presented, among other things, the world premiere of The Mayfield – from a project by and with Heiner Goebbels, as part of Transeuropa Festival/BAM – Biennale Arcipelago del Mediterraneo (BAM), one of the greatest artists, composers and directors of contemporary music theatre.

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