‘Panteon extra moenia/Sicilia’: magazine presentation at Palazzo Butera

1 February 2024, 5 pm
Palazzo Butera (Palermo)

PANTEON is an independent semi-annual architecture magazine that was born from the desire to put the architectural project back at the center of the debate. Each issue features well-known and lesser-known buildings in the city of Rome built within the Grande Raccordo Anulare between 1911 and 1989, narrated and related according to unusual research criteria. PANTEON is an anachronistic project: anachronistic are its contents; anachronistic is the graphic design that sees the creation of a large-format magazine, deliberately cumbersome and uncomfortable to read unless seated at a desk; anachronistic is its circulation, exclusively paper.

As if stepping through the gates of city walls, for the first time Panteon turns its gaze and its investigation to other contexts, broadening the horizon of observation to the twentieth-century architectural heritage in Italy, to establish a new network of shifting connections.

Panteon extra moenia/Sicilia was born out of the experience of :AFTER. After History, Afterlife. Widespread Festival of Architecture in Sicily. Proposing a selection of five Sicilian works from the last century photographed by the lens of Giovanna Silva, not only the sometimes heroic vicissitudes of contemporary Sicilian architecture are transversally addressed, but the recent history of a controversial land and the many communities that make it up.

It will be possible to purchase the magazine during the presentation event.

Contributions: Pietro Airoldi, Lisa Andreani, Jacopo Costanzo, Zeno Franchini, Francesca Gattello, Valeria Guerrisi, Izabela Anna Moren / Photography: Giovanna Silva / In collaboration with :AFTER Festival

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