Artist Talk–Francesco Bellina

This event is part of
Between Land and Sea
13 Julho 2022, 19:00—20:00
Palazzo Butera

At Palazzo Butera, the first of a series of meetings with artists, winners of the tenth edition of the Italian Council (2021), aimed at acquiring works by Italian museums. Curators and representatives of the partner museums will speak about the reasons behind the ongoing projects, with a view to dialogue with the city and the community of art lovers. 

Gli Ultimi Pescatori is a major new multimedia installation by Francesco Bellina and Stefano Liberti that investigates the decay of small-scale fisheries and port communities through the human stories that reveal the localised economic scarcity of globalisation, the exploitation, and the connection between three seemingly remote places: Sicily, Tunisia and Ghana. It will be presented at the Ecomuseo Mare Memoria Viva in spring 2023.