Gli Ultimi Pescatori is a major new multimedia installation by Francesco Bellina and Stefano Liberti that investigates the decay of small-scale fisheries and port communities through the human stories that reveal the localised economic scarcity of globalisation, the exploitation, and the connection between three seemingly remote places: Sicily, Tunisia and Ghana.

This project is part of
Between Land and Sea
Italy, Tunisia, Ghana

In the last two decades, the work of fishermen across the world has become increasingly difficult and precarious. Working lengthy hours at unthankful times, often in dangerous conditions, they bring to shore less and less catch. The influence of global warming on delicate ecosystems together with large-scale industrial fishing practices has emptied the oceans, impoverishing both fishermen and the environment. While these are global phenomena, their consequences are highly localised and can be observed in various port cities in Europe, Africa and beyond.

Weaving the single stories of fishermen into a transnational map, the Sicilian photographer explores the trade routes and systems which govern the sea, thus offering a novel view of Mediterranean heritage and its current place within global networks. As in his previous large body of work Oriri which documented the trade of Nigerian sex slaves, Bellina confronts yet again the less exposed reasons and routes of contemporary migration. Filmed contents will be realised in collaboration with the acclaimed author and filmmaker Stefano Liberti to narrate the lives of those whose lives are altered and environments obliterated by interests far away.

Gli Ultimi Pescatori has won the tenth Italian Council call and will be presented in collaboration with various international institutions, through artist talks which detail the political practice of the artists and a program of encounters with local activists and researchers.

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