Project presentation: ‘MAMMA PERDONAMI / MËMA MË FAL’ by Genny Petrotta at Museo delle Civiltà in Rome

This event is part of
Regarding Colonies
3 July 2024, 17:30
Museo delle Civiltà (ROME)

‘Mamma Perdonami / Mëma Më Fal’ is a poetic re-appropriation of the long-silenced political legacy – after the traumatic events that followed – of the peasant republic constituted in the 1940s in Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily. With a performance and a video installation, Genny Petrotta, together with a group of young people from her hometown, revisits this key episode for understanding the evolution of peasant struggles in Italy and Europe from the post-war period to the present day.

The screening and the presentation will be followed by a discussion with the artist Genny Petrotta and the curator Eva-Maria Bertschy.

The project is produced by Fondazione Studio Rizoma in co-production with Autostrada Biennale Prizren. In collaboration with Museo Civico di Castelbuono, Genía Lab Art Palermo, Postane Istanbul, Inland Madrid, Museo delle Civiltà Roma and European Alternatives Paris.

The project is supported by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity of the Italian Ministry of Culture under the Italian Council program (12th edition, 2023), which aims to promote Italian contemporary art worldwide.

More info about the project HERE!