This event is part of
Between Land and Sea
BLAS Festival
28—29 June 2023, 21:00

In 2022, the transnational collective La Fleur presented TRIO in the courtyard of the Santa Chiara monastery, a brilliant show about migration stories of urban dance styles in the metropolises of this world. Now the Coupé Décalé star Ordinateur from Côte d’Ivoire (former dancer of DJ Arafat’s ensemble, now a choreographer and member of La Fleur) returns to Palermo. Together with the Ivorian dancer and singer Annick Choco and theatermaker Monika Gintersdorfer, they develop a performance about dance, football and showbiz in a three-week workshop with a group of young Palermitans exploring their role models, ambitions and opportunities.  

Dance, showbiz and football have close links in many African countries: Many singers from African countries quote the names of the football players they love in their songs. Successful African football players want to celebrate their victories and let their most beloved African singers and dancers perform for them in the clubs. Since Ordinateur settled in Europe a few years ago, he has built many friendships and collaborations with African football players in Barcelona, Leverkusen and Paris who, like him, have chosen the path to Europe. They share the willingness to assume the risk of exposing themselves to an unknown situation, even if they are already renowned artists and footballers in their home countries.

The asymmetries in the North-South divide come into focus: Many dancers, musicians and footballers develop their skills in African countries as a matter of course in everyday life. But they later have to look for opportunities to earn money in Europe, where concentrated financial capital and infrastructure, the best clubs and leagues and a differentiated system of cultural promotion attract all the talent. 

Choreography: Ordinateur, Annick Choco and Monika Gintersdorfer | Text: Monika Gintersdorfer and ensemble | Video: Eric Tagbo

Dancers: Fidelia, Maybel, Matti, Melissa, Abbas, Francis, Joshua, Traoré, Camará, Daniel, Daniel e Marco.

Production: Letizia Gullo | Assistant: Tiziano Locci

In collaboration with AMUNI’ – Laboratorio per storie di uomini, donne, migrazione e discriminazione, Area Madera and Associazione Santa Chiara

With the support of:

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