Opening Event: Non è Più Tempo di Negare

This event is part of
Regarding Colonies
3—5 June 2022,


Transnational Restitution Movement

curated by Studio Rizoma and GROUP50:50

3 – 5 June 2022, Palermo

Atrio Biblioteca Comunale di Casa Professa
Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara


Friday, 3 June 2022

On Restitution

15:00 – 17:00. Atrio Biblioteca Comunale di Casa Professa

Opening of the three-day talk series “On Restitution”, covering one of the three core areas of Rhizome Cities Network. A programme of political and cultural exchange starting from the current debate on the restitution of cultural heritage and involving artists, policy makers, researchers and activists from Africa and Europe. Introducing a broader notion of restitution, which can refer to tangible and intangible heritage as well as natural resources, we present and discuss decolonising artistic and political practices and interventions that have a potential to transform the relations between Europe and Africa via a renewed protagonism of Europe’s municipalities and their migrant communities.


Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo

Eva-Maria Bertschy, Artistic director of Fondazione Studio Rizoma

Patrick Mudekereza, curator of Centre d’Art Waza Lubumbashi, Congo, and Fellow of Studio Rizoma

Bootcamp – FIRST SESSION: The Arduous Transformation of Institutions

17:00 – 20:00

Atrio Biblioteca Comunale di Casa Professa

Lesson#1 Parlons des Mensonges Institutionnels – Bénédicte Savoy, Art Historian, Berlin

Lesson#2 Qui est le Voleur? – Mwazulu Diyabanza, Political Activist, Paris

Lesson#3 Dealing with a Fragmented Heritage – Peju Layiwola, Visual Artist, Lagos

Lesson#4 Continuous Repositioning – Leone Contini, Artist and Anthropologist, Rome

Lesson#5 Radical Education – Sepake Angiama, Curator and Educator, London


Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara

Screening – You Hide Me – Nii Kwate Owoo


Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara

Concert – Live for the Ghosts – GROUP50:50

Saturday, 4 June 2022

10:00 – 13:00

Meet at Casa Professa

Walk – We Won’t Let Them Sleep in Peace: Connecting Colonial Traces to today’s Racism – Rete Anticoloniale Palermo

17:00 – 20:00

Atrio Biblioteca Comunale di Casa Professa

Bootcamp – SECOND SESSION: Speak to the Dead and the Spirits!

Lesson#6 Revisit the Past of Beauty – Christian Nyampeta, Visual Artist, London

Lesson#7 Aller-retour Dans le Monde Rituel – Hervé Youmbi, Visual Artist, Douala

Lesson#8 Returning the Dead as Humans and Citizens – Ciraj Rassool, Historian, Cape Town

Lesson#9 A Visit of the Mbuti People – Patrick Mudekereza, Curator, Lubumbashi

Lesson#10 The Unburied of the Cimitero Dei Rotoli – Caterina Pasqualino, Anthropologist and Filmmaker, Palermo / Paris

20:30 – 23:00

Complesso Monumentale Santa Chiara

Screening – Return: An Epic Journey – Rita Mukebu

Screening – Sometimes It Was Beautiful – Christian Nyampeta

Performance – Tamburi e Fantasmi – GROUP50:50, Kinshasa / Berlin / Palermo

23:00 – open end

Ciwara Ristorante Africano, Vucciria Market

Open Mic and Afterparty

Sunday, 5 June

13:00 – 16:00

Complesso Monumentale Santa Chiara

Lunch + Ceremony – Africa for Peace – Consulta delle Culture Palermo

17:00 – 20:00

Atrio Biblioteca Comunale di Casa Professa

Bootcamp – THIRD SESSION: Colonial Ghosts and Future Landscapes

Lesson#11 Abandoning and Re-connecting Heritage – Emilio Distretti, researcher, writer and educator, London / Basel

Lesson#12 Solanum Aethiopicum – Aterraterra, Artist and Farmer Collective, Palermo

Lesson#13 Who Owns the Forest? – Remy Zahiga, Climate Activist and Indigenous People Rights Advocate, Bukavu

Lesson#14 Past and Present Slaves – Alagie Jinkang, Researcher, Palermo

Lesson#15 Natural Heritage – Evelyn Acham, Climate Activist, Kampala

20:30 – 22:30

Complesso Monumentale di Santa Chiara

Screening – Il Corno Mancante – Leone Contini

Il Corno Mancante. Directed by Leone Contini, Milano, 2017 / 2018. 25 min.

Screening – Terra Inquieta – Chiara Ambrosio and Caterina Pasqualino

23:00 – open end, Alibi Club

Concert – Lord Spikeheart (Duma)

Concert – Ecko Bazz & STILL

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