CONTEXTS / ASYMMETRIES. Culture and creation in medium and small cities

This event is part of
Rhizome Cities
Rhizome Cities
17—19 October 2023,
LAVA - Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid

The 9th Culture and Citizenship Meeting will be devoted to analysing the role of culture in cities and intermediate territories, their role as nodes of an increasingly decentralised cultural sector, as well as the importance of culture for the (re)construction of identities and social and territorial cohesion, urban and rural, in these spaces and the transformative role that the most emerging agents and youth are acquiring as political, social and cultural subject(s).

We would also like to work on the importance of networking in the sector and the idea of culture as an interrelated ecosystem, and all of this in a European dimension, taking advantage of the fact that the Meeting will be held in the framework of Spain’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


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