CITIES 4 REFUGEES: Conference on local citizenship

This event is part of
Rhizome Cities
8 November 2023,
Villeurbanne, France

In the context of the ‘Bienniale de l’Hospitalitè’, we will be present on 8 November with the CITIES 4 REFUGEES project in Villeurbanne to remind people that the right to the city is for everyone: European municipalities committed to local citizenship, elected representatives, city networks, researchers, associations and residents from all over Europe will share their local experiences and their vision of unconditional welcome.

What is reception? Who does it involve?  Where does reception take shape? What needs does it respond to? The biennial is an opportunity to learn more about the phenomenon of homelessness and to discover local initiatives to support them. These initiatives, numerous and supported by a wide range of actors, work together to build a dignified welcome for people living in exile and in precarious conditions.


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