School of Water Scarcity is an artistic research project aiming to investigate and exchange knowledge and practices from different disciplines, creating awareness and proposing humble strategies to overcome cultural, political and economic limitations in Sicily and Tunisia, focusing specifically on issues related to water mismanagement. Topics range from the preservation of biodiversity, cultivation of local native and non-native varieties, issues of water distribution and filtration, data collection, strategies of resistance and the involvement of consumers.

As a continuation of the Syndicat! Summit in 2022, the dinner splash substitutes the daytime conversation program to offer a more interactive format that involves invited participants in a practical, research-based manner of sharing their knowledge while simultaneously providing the pleasurable context of cooking and eating together in a shared experience, possibly developing a manual for the public to follow. The dinner activities are hosted in conjunction with Eliza Collin’s WET ZONES kitchen.

SCHOOL OF WATER SCARCITY is produced by Fondazione Studio Rizoma and supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Tunis.

Project Design and Curation: Izabela Moren | Past and current participants: Amine Bounouh, Sarah Ben Romdane, Heythem Smida-Guesmi, Alaa Marzougi, Costanza Pizzo, Zeno Franchini (Marginal Studio), Luca Cinquemani and Fabio Aranzulla (Aterraterra), Enrico Milazzo, Melissa Carnemolla, Chachou, Bilel El Mekki, Habib Ayeb  | Production: Giorgio Mega and Youssef Ettourjoumene

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