Residency On The Road: Call for Applications. Istanbul, Kosovo, Sicily

Artists, writers, curators, activists, chefs, architects, researchers, food, fashion, graphic and social designers are welcome to apply for a transnational residency program connecting Istanbul, Kosovo, and Sicily. The first edition of ROR will take place in spring 2023 as a collaboration between Postane in Istanbul, Autostrada Biennale in Prizren and Fondazione Studio Rizoma in Palermo on the theme Decolonising Food: Water, Land and Heritage. Check out the conditions to apply and participate.


The residency scheme is a unique collaboration between three cultural institutions in Istanbul, Palermo, and Prizren and aims to facilitate transnational research and production in the wider European space.
The residency scheme takes place in the context of the Allianz Foundation Hubs.
The program consists of two specific moments: the generative phase brings together nine artists, thinkers, researchers, activists, chefs, farmers, anthropologists, designers and other cultural practitioners to spend one week in each of the three cities, acquainting themselves with the context and possibilities. Each hub will select three residents from their wider region and the travel period will be between March and May 2023.
After all three visits are completed, residents are welcome, without obligation, to submit a proposal for a project to be realised involving at least two of the visited hubs. The proposal will be evaluated, and if supported, funds will be made available to realise the production phase of the residency with a dedicated budget. Curatorial and production support will be given in all stages to accompany the project’s development by the hub and local partners selected together. The production period is in autumn, with exact dates to be agreed together. Please note we may not be able to support all requests received.


The first edition of ROR focuses on food-related practices and topics, aiming to investigate and exchange agricultural knowledge, culinary history, the practical skills needed to cultivate food and collect or disseminate seeds, research relating to livestock and the economics of alimentation and the hegemony of industrialised practices in food production and distribution worldwide. There are no limitations for disciplines to involve, and topics can range from the preservation of biodiversity, urban agriculture, cultivation of local native and non-native varieties, or the mismanagement of water reserves to the possibility of creating distribution networks and favouring economic viability through alternative practices and more.


Generative Phase: Nine participants selected through this call will travel to three cities (Istanbul, Prizren, Palermo) to meet the local scenes and convene for artist-led workshops, performances, artist talks and screenings, networking sessions, music events, meetings with activists, thematic tours, cooking sessions and more.

The detailed programme will be published after the call for participation is closed.

Production Phase: Proposals that have emerged from the generative phase and were accepted, will receive curatorial and production assistance in both of their chosen hubs, including the possibility of collaborating with local partners, artisans, activists etc. as desired, trying to make as much support available as possible. The participants will receive a stipend and have access to a dedicated production budget, which will be agreed upon individually based on the specific proposal.


Artists, thinkers, researchers, activists, chefs, farmers, anthropologists, writers, curators, architects, food, fashion, graphic and social designers, and other cultural practitioners based in Istanbul, Kosovo or Sicily.

We aim for diverse residents in terms of profession, research interests, practice, origin and background. Nine participants will be selected through this call.


The program will cover all costs for travel and accommodation. A per diem will be given to participants to cover daily expenses. The main language spoken will be English.


Please send a single PDF containing a one-page letter explaining your practice and why you want to participate in the residency together with a portfolio of your work, or a writing sample of not more than 3,000 words, or a free overview of your practice (max 2 pages) to your local hub (see emails below) by 10 January 2023.


Your application will be assessed by a selection committee bringing together the teams of each hub plus possible external advisors. This selection committee will assess your application based on the quality and aim of your work; the approach to critical thinking and reflection; the relevance and purpose of your residency concerning the work program and interests of the three hubs.

The outcome of the selection procedure will be communicated in early February.


Vatra Abrashi:
Izabela Moren:
Mesadet Sözmen:


As the only contemporary art institution in Prizren, Autostrada Biennale functions on two speeds: Autostrada Biennale, the International Contemporary Art exhibition that takes place every two years since 2017, and the other is Autostrada Hangar, the education, production and exhibition space in the former German KFOR military base now ITP Prizren.


Postane (Post Office) is an Istanbul-based urban hub serving individuals and organizations whose work focuses on creating social and environmental impact, aiming to build a more just city, region, and planet. Founded in the summer of 2021, Postane provides inclusive spaces, offers technical resources, and runs cultural programs for and with civil initiatives, activists, artists and social enterprises. With urban, ecological, and social justice priorities in mind, Postane’s goal is to create a much-needed independent, inclusive social center in Istanbul and contribute to the revitalization of the region’s public sphere.


Fondazione Studio Rizoma is a transnational hub advancing an independent cultural and social program while serving the wider development of its surrounding ecosystem via residencies, fellowships, and micro-granting, with a focus on the city of Palermo.


The Allianz Foundation Hubs support pathbreaking organizations from civil society, arts & culture and climate action – across the entire European continent. Through multi-year structural funding, each Hub is enabled to grow organically as an institution and to tend to its own regional network of partners and grassroots movements. At the same time, the Hubs cooperate across borders through staff exchanges, multilateral residencies, jointly funded projects and co-curated programs – creating a pan-European ecosystem of knowledge, innovation and pioneering spirit. In this way, the Allianz Foundation reinforces its mission of contributing to the realization of a transnational European civil society that stands for openness, diversity, resilience and ecological awareness.

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