Postane: an urban solidarity space in Istanbul

MEET ALLIANZ PARTNERS! We are happy to present Postane (Istanbul), one of the hub partners of the Allianz Foundation, together with Autostrada Biennale (Kosovo) and Studio Rizoma (Sicily).

Postane is an urban solidarity space that aims to host social, environmental, and urban impact-oriented works and joint cultural production.

During the Crimean War in1853-1856, Britain built a post office in Istanbul for its army’s military correspondence. After the war, the British Military Post Office was started to be used for civil correspondence. With the increase in commercial activities in the following years, the then British Post Secretary, George Campbell, ordered the construction of a new building. Designed and constructed by Joseph Nadin, an architect and engineer, the new building served as the British Post Office from 1859 to 1895.

The historical building, known as the British Post Office in Galata, was restored, and repurposed as an open, collaborative, productive and restorative space that nurtures the well-being of the environment it is situated in, as well as all the living species that it comes into contact with. The main mission of Postane is to bring together those who produce for a fairer and more livable world, those who preserve and sustain their cultural heritage, and those who are willing to listen and tell innovative and creative stories. Driven by this mission, Postane’s spatial infrastructures were designed to facilitate interaction between citizens and those whose work aims toward social and environmental impact, to encourage innovation and the flourishment of agents of social change, and to allow quality education and research.  These infrastructures include a terrace garden where natural food is grown through rainwater harvesting; a solidarity-based kitchen and cafeteria; a fair-trade unit that brings together consumers with local producers, social enterprises and cooperatives; coworking and meeting spaces that encourage co-production; a special library; a podcast and video studio for storytellers; and a multi-purpose hall for public events.

The building’s renovation was carried out by a design team, consisting of Merve Bedir, Eren Onur, Çiğdem Furtuna, Öncül Kırlangıç, Büşra Tunç and Jorela Karriqi. Postane is a member of the Bertha Spaces Network.

Postane has been developed and is being operated by Bak Postacı social entrepreneurship.

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