Nodes define a conceptual frame for Rizoma’s long-term research and production, defining our public program, mentorships, residencies, and fellowships, and providing coherency of action across our work areas. Each Node is under the supervision of one curator, has a duration of two or more years and spans a plurality of individual projects.

We develop an autonomous work program in cooperation with our partners and the wider ecosystem and organise that program according to multiannual Nodes to bring coherence to the multiplicity of activities and projects run by the organisation. 

Each Node has one responsible curator and advances a specific line of investigation for at least two years. Nodes additionally orientate the thematic focus of residencies, fellowships, and the organisational support and seed-funding provided by Rizoma to other organisations.

For the biennial cycle 2022-2024, the Nodes fo Studio Rizoma focus on questions of Mediterranean ecology, feminism, and postcolonialism. Emerging from Sicily, they contribute to animating a continuous exchange between Europe and the African continent. 

Our methodology combines original artistic productions with the engagement of social and political groups: the production process involves communities in the definition and implementation, embedding projects in existing sites of struggle and political imagination. 

Nodes operate according to a federative logic both locally and internationally. Locally, they create an ongoing space to valorise cultural and social organisations from Palermo. Internationally, they shy away from the fly-in, fly-out model of international touring and instead nurture stable, long-term corporations to develop transnational projects. The two levels intersect to foster a trans-local dimension and provide a space for the connection of the local ecosystem with the international scene. 

On this page, you may find out more about current Nodes and the multiple projects and events composing them.

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