Towards a Municipal Charter on Decolonisation, Restitution, and New Citizens

This event is part of
Rhizome Cities
Rhizome Cities
12—13 Dezembro 2022,

Within the framework of Rhizome Cities, municipal administrations and mayors from a number of European and African cities propose a joint strategy and common principles for dealing with their shared colonial heritage. A Charter, due to be signed in 2023, may further develop into a longer-term network, the first in Europe dealing with the topic of urban decolonisation and engagement of migrants and second generations as ambassadors in the relationship to their countries of origin.

We invite citizens and civil society organisation to join us at the Mo.Co.Museum in Montpellier for a guided visit of the exhibition “Musées en exile”. The visit will be followed by a discussion with city representatives members of the Rhizome Cities project.

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