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Our work

Our work moves around three keywords:


Our aim is to build a long-term path of experimentation and research that can lead to say what has not already been heard and show what has not already been seen.


We pursue a radically multidisciplinary path combining the arts and politics.


Our rhizomatic and co-creative approach embodies a feminist, postcolonial, environmentally and socially responsible methodology. Palermo as a homebase allows us to de-centre Europe, to articulate a new centrality for the Mediterranean and re-establish Europe’s rapport with Northern Africa. 

In particular, STUDIO RIZOMA

  • Organises residencies, training, artistic productions and exhibitions in different formats.
  • Develops academic research rotating around exchanges with experts and researchers, immediate and localised implementation, and practices of new internationalism with biennales and arts institutions.
  • Produces shareable outputs in different formats all made available for events and publications.



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