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Sindicati mediterranei

A two-day training in Palermo part of the initiative “Training for the Future” of artist Jonas Staal.

ANNI: 2021 - 2022
PAESI: Europe
STATUS: on-going

The sea just has been the great connector of peoples and histories, for good and for bad: and no place such as Sicily – with its Phenocian, Greek, Roman, Arab, Normand and Spanish dominations – better enshrines this.

But the sea is equally the great divider. Separating wealth from poverty, inclusion from exclusion. It is a sea that many try to cross only to find invisible walls.

We take this sea as our starting point. And ask what transnational collectivities and unions may be imagined across its Northern and Southern shores. Is it possible to federate not states but peoples?

During our training we won’t be looking at union of states – federations, partnerships, etc. – but unions of peoples. What does it mean to turn competition into collectivity between Sicilian and Tunisian fishermen or farmers?  What would it mean for students to unite and make freedom of movement in the Mediterranean a reality? Ten years after the Arab spring, can we talk of trans-mediterranean social movements?

What would such unions across the Mediterranean look like? Picking up the roots of early sindacalisti, workers’ unions and anarchist philosophy, and mixing theory and hands-on moments, the training imagines the construction of concrete and speculative practices of communication across the Mediterranean.


Lorenzo Marsili is a writer and political philosopher working for over a decade to imagine a future beyond the nation state.

Clelia Bartoli is a researcher at the University of Palermo and active in the imagination of new educational pedagogies.

Adnen el Ghali is a researcher at the university of Brussels and a historian with expertise in the connections between Tunisia and Italy.

Giocherenda is a collective of young Palermo-based migrants investing and producing cooperative games.

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