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European Pavilion

The European Cultural Foundation is launching The European Pavilion, a pan-European and multidisciplinary arts initiative that supports cultural organisations and their communities in sharing their experience of and vision for Europe. We are pleased to announce that in 2021 Studio Rizoma is one of the six arts and cultural organizations joining The European Pavilion.

ANNI: 2021 - 2023
PAESI: Europe
STATUS: on-going

Europe is a work in progress: it is not only a continent with a long history but also a cultural project in the making. A dynamic space, open to changes and adaptation. In architecture, a pavilion resembles such a space. Over time, it has been a shelter, a place of leisure and exchange, and an exhibition space. Creating a European Pavilion means taking up that plurality of functions and forms to open up a meaningful space where Europe’s futures can be discussed and imagined. 

In identifying urgent issues, emerging from their local and regional context as well as from their practices, the European Pavilion helps bring local perspectives to the European stage and bring Europe closer to its communities and their realities. At a time when the issues that will determine our future require trans-local and trans-national collaborations and responses, the European Pavilion represents an innovative cultural symbol that triggers imagination across borders and generations.

Throughout 2021 and 2022 Studio Rizoma will organize and curate a transnational programme as part of the Pavilion, connecting Europe and the African continent and addressing urgent issues ranging from the future of food, climate crisis and the issue of waste in contemporary societies, the state of democracy, and the urgency to listen to the unheard and the marginalised. 

Our work is divided in three movements: in October 2021 we will engage in a deep exchnge between Europe and Tunisia; in Spring 2022 we will focus on an exchange with Central Africa, and notably Congo; and in Autumn 2022 we will bring back our exploration onto a reflection of Europe’s future seeing “from the outside in”. 

‘Europe After Europe’, Movement 1: Syndicat! Summit

Our first actions within the European Pavilions are taking place in October 2021 with:

‘Europe After Europe’, Movement 1: Syndicat! Summit

19-23 October 2021 – Palermo

With the Summit we investigate the meaning of Europe from the outside in. For our first step we start with a deep engagement with the Mediterranean sea, and Tunisia specifically, to imagine practices capable of weaving together the Northern and Southern shores of a divided sea. Picking up the roots of early syndicalists, workers’ unions, and anarchist philosophy, Syndicat! invites artists, researchers, and citizens to elaborate and present ideas for concrete transnational alliances that build connections between the cities of Palermo and Tunis, between Europe and North Africa. Syndicat! explores Europe’s capacity to develop a new vision of transnationalism and planetary solidarity: Europe’s identity will be in no small part forged by its relation to the rest of the world.

Syndicat! takes place during “Between Land and Sea ” organized by Studio Rizoma in Palermo. The full programme can de downloaded on:
The full programme can de downloaded on:

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