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Antifragile is a concept developed by philosopher Nassim Nicholas Taleb, referring to a property that goes beyond resilience or shock-resistance whereby the object gets better via external stress. The Covid-19 emergency has triggered an extraordinary acceleration in the search for new models for cultural creation and dissemination. 


Theatres, cultural institutes, artists, etc., have been experimenting with new ways of engaging their audiences and guaranteeing continuation of creative output. What if we now understood this not merely as a temporary survival strategy, but as an experience with the potential to structurally and sustainably innovate our creative models and solve some of the previously existing contradictions? From the financialization of the world of art to the exclusionary nature of many large events we think this is not the time to simply return to our previous normality.


With this initiative we will carry out research on possible new cultural models, involving artists, thinkers and professionals in a series of texts and interviews published online. Beyond the simple theoretical exercise, this research will serve to inform and concretely direct our future working methodology.



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