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TRANS_FORMA: Screening al Sicilia Queer Film Festival

11th September 2021

16.00 / Spazio Franco arti visive


Andrea Dojmi (16-22)

projection in loop – free entrance

produced by Sten&StefAndrea DojmiGiorgia Sonnino
in collaboration with Studio Rizoma
with the contribution of Regione Lazio

Sponde sonore / Circolo Arci Tavola Tonda

Centro Internazionale di Fotografia diretto da Letizia Battaglia
Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa / via Paolo Gili, 4

di Andrea Dojmi

10  12 september 2021
free entrance

A filmmaker and visual artist records the fluid essence of being in the space-time of a summer-beach near Rome, his hometown. This is the story of an encounter with Azul, Azzurra, Martina, Carla and Laura, creatures in trans-formation also through the filmmaker’ trans- narration.”How to describe in a few words the desire to sublimate reality in a sophisticated yet empathetic way so that it becomes the universal narrative of being human?”
The project in progress of the film “TRANS_FORMA” arises from the necessity of explaining the path of trans-formation with an innovative film-documentary language where two dimensions intertwine in a continuous flow of synchronicity: the digital to document reality and the film to transfigure the in-visible. A dreamy journey between reality and trans-figuration through film, photography, videoart, dream and awareness, joy and pain, human landscapes and portraits as mosaics, voices and sounds in the eternal becoming of the present. The set is ‘here and now’, unchanging event so invisible to the mental reality where everything is scanned and controlled, so far removed from the divisions that the world wants to give to each and everything and yet so close… a second away from us. A trans-formation is a return to our origin, the place and essence where we have always been free.

Andrea Dojmi

Andrea Dojmi is a visual artist, filmmaker and photographer. His work is the continuous recording from a stream of consciousness through the use of different media. The recurring themes are unity, multiplicity and complex systems, transformation and rebirth, loss of identity and awakening, individual spiritual crisis and community, former education system and its spatial organization.

Andrea Dojmi’s films are stories with a fragmentary narration and a granular aesthetics where the themes interweave, pervaded by a constant serenity that at moments can reveal tragedy or enlightenment. Humans and situations are seen through the same innocent lens of an individual but universal past and truth is caught in the deepest part of its simple message, just like the quality of our vision in the first technological age and its movement within our present. Characters, places and events take us back to a remote corner of our experience and imagination to reveal an “hidden-complex- organization” where space and time dissolve in the intuitive unitary intelligence we come from.
Andrea Dojmi has exhibited internationally, in solo shows, as well as group and in international film festivals.


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